wholesale with brooklyn haberdashery

Following are the current line sheets and catalogs for products available via wholesale from Brooklyn Haberdashery. If you have questions and to place an order, please contact Kristin at kristin@brooklynhaberdashery.com. 


line sheets, summer 2018

The line sheets are divided into two documents. The first one has Brooklyn Haberdashery, Cohana, Nurge wooden hoops, embroidery kits from Un Chat dans l'Aiguille, fine scissors, etc. Descriptions of most of these products can be seen on my website or in the Un Chat catalog below. The second line sheet includes the SeeKnit products, and descriptions of these can be seen in the catalog via the link below.

catalog of embroidery kits

Embroidery kits from Un Chat dan l'Aiguille in France

catalog of knitting & crochet tools

Product catalog from Kinki Amibari's SeeKnit line.