Kristin Axtman, Founder

Brooklyn Haberdashery is founded on a life-long love of making things by hand and helping others to do the same. Kristin grew up with a brilliant mother and two talented grandmothers who inspired her with their sewing, crocheting, quilting, painting, and general domestic badass-ery. Kristin has continually made things--from the timber frame house she designed and built with her husband down to the annual handmade holiday cards. Kristin is frequently asked, “how did you make that; can you show me?” That, coupled with her heart-pounding obsession for sewing supplies prompted Kristin to transition her handmade hobbies to her vocation. 

When not creating things with textiles, Kristin is: tasting her way through the world; canning, preserving, and cooking; brewing beer and cider with her husband; making jewelry with her son; combing flea markets; and riding her Dutch bike. She lives in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.