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Steffa Zip Pouch


This cotton/linen pouch is block printed by hand, then embroidered. The sturdy brass YKK zipper is tied with twill tape. The pouch is fully lined with Cotton + Steel fabric. The block printed and stitched image is on the front of the bag; the back is solid cotton/linen as seen in the photo.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.25"

The fabric used in my work is block printed and stitched by hand. I start by drawing a design, then carving it into a block. To print the fabric, the block is inked again and again and pressed onto the fabric. Once dried and heat set, I stitch the fabric—by hand to embroider it and/or with a machine to create sewn goods.

Variations are inherent to the handmade process, and through them one can see the hand work involved in creating this item. 

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