Nina Project Bag


This project bag is the result of much research, and is designed to serve both knitters and stitchers! It is made from tightly-woven tan canvas that prevents knitting needles from poking through, but soft enough to collapse easily to contain a small project that you want to tuck inside your purse. At its capacity, the bag holds a sweater or sizable canvas for when you have larger projects. And the ample pockets easily accommodate some tools and a 6" embroidery hoop.

The vintage kimono patch on the front of the bag is hand-stitched with sashiko thread, and matches the blue and white railroad denim at the top of the bag. The project bag is fully lined with muslin, and has six internal pockets --four shallow pockets on one side, and two deep pockets on the other.  The leather drawstring slides easily to cinch the bag at the top.

Dimensions: 10.5"h x 9"w x 4"d

Slight variations are inherent to the handmade process, and through them one can see the hand work involved in creating this item. 

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