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Cartier-Bresson No. 12 -- Unopened box


Swoon, fellow thread enthusiasts!! Here is an UNOPENED box of Cartier-Bresson Coton Perle No. 12!! The thread was discovered in a haberdashery warehouse in England, having been forgotten for decades. This box of 12 thread balls is a light blue, color 978. The 12 balls weigh 2 grams each. 

I received the thread shrink wrapped in the original box, which is pictured. The box of thread balls is still sealed, and the reel of blue thread in photograph was taken from another box that I opened. The thread is clean and has a neutral smell. I have every reason to believe that the thread contained in this package is like new, just as the box that I opened. 

And I have only one of these, so grab this now if you want it in your collection!

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