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Box Blank for Covering with Needlework

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This box is cleverly designed specifically for mounting and displaying your needlework on its lid. It comes with a cardboard mounting disk and instructions (in English, German, and French) for how for attach your needlework to the cover. It is packaged in a lovely box perfect for gift giving (shown in third photo). Please note, this box does not come with needlework canvas, thread, or stitching pattern.

Dimensions: 3.5 cm high and 7.3 cm in diameter

For best results, your embroidered motif should not exceed 7 cm width/height. On 12 count linen, this enables you to use a motif measuring 38-39 points using traditional cross stitch and the double in half cross stitch.

This delightful box is covered on the perimeter by a beautiful paper, imitating what is known in French as "galluchat", a technique used in the making of leather goods using shark or ray skin. It was perfected in the 17th century by the master corset maker, Jean-Claude Galluchat and was used extensively for making scissor boxes and sewing baskets.

Sajou produces haberdashery items made in France to the highest standards (in some cases even produced on the original old machinery). Perfect for gifts and collectors, and for those of you unable to resist a quality that is seldom found in today's mass produced haberdashery products. Sajou was created in 1828 by Jaques- Simon Sajou, selling haberdashery for embroidery, tapestry, lace, crochet and weaving. 

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